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MINI RECIPE – EASY NO FAIL Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

MINI RECIPE – EASY NO FAIL Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe
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This is a mini cream cheese frosting recipe. I created this for those
who don’t bake for many people. Sweet, and tangy, you’ll love this classic
recipe. I use this recipe with my new recipe for the ultimate chocolate cupcakes, which is an egg free recipe. NO egg, NO butter, NO milk. They are 100% dairy free cupcakes, and you will
never know, they are just that good. Try them, you’ll fall in love.

⭐️⏩ My recipe for the most amazing EGG FREE cupcakes:
⭐️⏩ https://youtu.be/I7RqRstDetE

My egg free chocolate cupcakes are so rich they taste like a chocolate
brownie in a cupcake. They contain NO eggs, no milk, and no butter.

Do NOT let this fool you – they are amazing ! ONE bite and you’ll fall in love !

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