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Dark And Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dark And Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe
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Dark, delicious chocolate cake. This cake is super moist and just so yummy.
This cake recipe is also known as Devil’s food cake, and it’s the mother of all chocolate
cake recipes. Try it, fall in love. That’s it. 👍😁

The buttercream frosting I used in this video recipe is here:

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THE ULTIMATE Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe – 2018 Update
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THE ULTIMATE Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

So here we are, I never realized that this video would be so popular ! With almost 10 MILLION views on the original video, I decided to update the video with lots of info based on questions I received over the past years. I’d taken the most asked questions and answered them ON-THE-VIDEO. I’ve also included direct clickable links to the chocolate butter ganache recipe below, and the simple syrup that can be used with this cake. I have updated the video to give you full info on the dimensions of the baking pan I used also.

Thanks for watching ! At the time of publishing this video, I just reached 400,000 subscribers … so THANK YOU !

Thank you to all of you that have supported me over the last years on YouTube !


★► Dark Chocolate Butter Ganache Recipe
★► https://youtu.be/yQ7jPlzN_NQ

★► Simple Syrup Recipe – Cake Syrup Recipe
★► https://youtu.be/CLZrm3gvBJI


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