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Chocovision Rev2B chocolate tempering machine review

Chocovision Rev2B chocolate tempering machine review
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You can find out more info about the ChocoVision Rev 2B chocolate tempering machine on their website here:  http://www.chocovision.com

The Chocovision Rev 2B is also known as the ChocoVision Revolation 2B.

ChocoVision Chocolate Tempering Machine Rev 2B Unboxing And Review

Clicking the link below will start my video review of this amazing chocolate machine.  I do a complete unboxing and review and go through each piece in detail, and also show you how the machine works.  I go through ALL the buttons on the top of the machine – in detail to give you enough information that you could use the machine right out of the box.  ChocoVision chocolate tempering machines are really great, watch the video and you’ll agree.  That’s it for now folks.


EASY ! Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cups Recipe

EASY ! Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cups Recipe

Wondering about the chocolate tempering machine I’m using in my video ?
it’s by Chocovision http://www.chocovision.com and it is the model Revolation 2B.

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